tiny fictions, set in the south.  


for most of the past ten (or so) years, everything i've written has been set in michigan. until - after sixteen years here - a voice that could only be described as (kind of) southern started showing up in my writing and things that used to mystify me about the south - like calling things something just a little different from what they really are - began to seem charming instead of annoying. when giant american cockroaches show up in my tiny, pre-war bungalow, it sure sounds prettier to call them "palmetto bugs," even if they're nothing of the sort.

this isn't a lie. it's a tiny fiction. 

palmetto blog, set mostly in our corner of the south, is made up of tiny fictions, each one starting with a photo from in or around Durham. 400(ish) words, a brief edit, and then a post. 

i have some publications and some awards which i'll tell you about, if you're interested. mostly, I'd just like you to read a tiny fiction, hopefully enjoy it, and then carry on with your day. 

thanks for visiting.